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Workout routine to burn fat fast

Physical exercise is the complement that should be present to burn fat faster. So, this time we will give workout routine for slimming. This routine is composed of fast and effective exercises. Do not miss it!

workout routine

While diet is the most important pillar diet, needs certain supplements that promote fat burning and you can lose weight faster and more effectively. For this, the implementation of aerobic activity containing fast and effective exercise is essential.

For this reason, we propose a different routine, such as workout routine exercises. This routine is only 4 minutes and consists of 8 exercises intense. Each of these exercises has duration of 20 seconds, resting 10 seconds and change actively exercises.

Having explained what it is, pays attention to the routine

First exercise: You will do exercises on the floor, for it supports the arms and legs extended and wears a leg at a time to your chest. It is important that you do this exercise as quickly as possible. The next 10 seconds walk or jump in place, once passed, get ready for next year.

Second exercise: It is similar to the above with the difference that will make small jumps. After that, 10 seconds of rest endlessly move.

Third exercise: Ground again in the same position as the previous exercise, but this time do legs jumps back and forth together. Once done, do not forget to rest for 10 seconds, but keep moving.

Fourth exercise: Same position again on the floor. This time jump side to side with your legs together. Actively rest for 10 seconds.

Fifth exercise: Back to the floor. This time jumps forward with legs open and close when you go back. Keep moving for 10 seconds.

Sixth exercise: This time you do the same exercise as above, but in reverse. That is to say, clasps the legs forward and back. Actively rest for 10 seconds.

Seventh exercise: Go back down and turning the waist, legs leading to the opposite side. Actively rest for 10 seconds.

Eighth exercise: Once you’re on the floor, bring your legs up with small jumps. Keep moving for 10 seconds.

This routine is very easy to do, do not demand a lot of time and help you burn fat faster. If you add a walk of 30-40 minutes would be great!

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