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Why we can not consume less than 800 calories a day?

To lose weight you can perform all types of diets, both balanced diets and restrictive diets. Within this last group is the 800 calorie diet, but before it would be important to ask why can not consume less than 800 calories a day, why alter metabolism.

800 calories diet

Restrictive diets are tempting because they promise to lose weight very quickly. Nevertheless, it is important that you consider it is not always possible to carry, especially when it is less than 800 calories a day.

Why can not consume less than 800 calories a day?
The answer to this question is much easier than we think. It is not possible to consume less than 800 calories a day, because our body needs to work properly over that amount for all of our bodily functions and all our daily activities.

Why the body needs calories to function?
The body needs nutrients to function properly and from them the calories or energy that the body needs, even when the body is at rest needs a minimum amount of calories to keep the body in that state. This is known as Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Not everyone needs the same BMR, as this will depend on your body surface represented by height and weight, as well as your age.

This means that, even at rest without any physical activity you need a lot of calories to meet physiological functions such as breathing.

How many calories needed by the body on average for the body to function properly?
Generally average woman would need on average 1500 calories and a man 2000 calories. These estimates are different for different people.

A 1200 calorie diet is considered to be a balanced hypocaloric diet, but a 800 calorie diet is considered a restrictive diet, which while it may help you to lose weight, is not considered healthy because it fails to meet the basic needs of the body.

How does the body reacts when you contribute 800 calories or less?
The body does not receive the amount of calories you need to perform all its vital functions, therefore lower metabolic rate and decrease all physiological processes. Thus it saves energy. Although at first you can lose weight fast, this weight is accumulated fluid, but after that weight loss becomes stagnant because low metabolism.

In conclusion, with 800 calories diet the body reacts saving energy. Consuming less than 800 calories is unhealthy for several reasons. On one hand, you lose weight and then regain the body suffers because it takes more calories to meet their basic needs.

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