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Why is it controversial use of HCG

One of the most popular XX and XXI century treatments is the use of the hormone HCG to treat obesity. Although in its early popularity joy and acceptance, today is not so well. Therefore, we invite you to learn why their use is controversial.

controversial use of HCG

In the 1950s, Dr. ATW Simeons discovered, almost by accident, that people who were treated with HCG for treating adiposogenital dystrophy, not only improved their medical condition, but had a better fat distribution and even lost some weight.

This made him think that the daily administration of 125 International Units of this hormone along with a very low calorie diet could be an effective treatment for obesity. Apparently this amount of hormone did not cause side effects.

On the basis of their results this treatment became popular, but as time has passed there have been various investigations that questioned the use of this hormone, which caused and causes much controversy.

Why is it controversial use of HCG?
The dispute occurs when the FDA considers, on the basis of different tests and investigations, that the use of HCG is not useful to treat overweight. Apparently difference criterion is that the use of HCG reduces adipose tissue, without causing a large weight loss. This parameter does not allow the FDA approves it as weight loss drug.

This difference in criteria leads to a discussion between the defenders and detractors of the use of HCG for weight loss.

Those who defend the use of this hormone for weight loss suggest its use, but is not patented as a medication for weight-loss; which can be dangerous as its uncontrolled use may be contraindicated and cause different side effects.

Although there is controversy about whether criteria used HCG hormone for weight loss or not, the reality is that there should be a discussion related to the control of the use of this hormone.

Sometimes it is used without thinking of the consequences that may occur on the health. We must not forget that it is a hormone that meets other functions in the body, and that if it is not indicated and adequately controlled can be dangerous.

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