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When drinking water fattening

If you are one of those who complain that even the water fattens you, know the reasons why you get fat by drinking water, may be the beginning to reverse this situation. When drinking water fattening, the solution is not to stop drinking, but knowing how to do it.

drinking water fattening

While it is true that water has no calories, it can also be true when you say you get fat by drinking water. There are at least three reasons why such a claim may be valid.

Drink water fattening you take it in the middle of meals: This is true as long as the water capture interrupts the digestive process. If you drink a lot of water, very coldly or very rapidly while you eat, you will interfere with the action of the digestive juices, needed for the breakdown of fats. For this reason, if you’re slow digestion it is not recommended that you drink in the middle of meals. Do it half an hour before eating.

Drinking water fattening when you take in excess: In that case, you should know that although water is the best natural diuretic, it can also have the opposite effect if you drink too much, diluting the minerals responsible for maintaining the electrolyte balance. A diet very rich in sodium (in the form of salt) and excessive in water (more than 3 liters) it reduces, in relative form, the potassium of the organism, with the consequent retention of liquids.

Drinking water fattening when you take of plastic containers: Toxic substances have been identified in the plastic containers that could be responsible for your extra kilos. If you do not have a spring nearby, perhaps placing a water filter is a healthy alternative to mineral waters, which are sold in plastic containers toxic.

If you get fat by drinking water, calculates the amount of water you need to drink each day and do it the right way. You’ll see that in such a way, water will not only gain weight, but in addition, it helps you lose weight.

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