What side effects can cause OMG diet?

OMG Diet suggests you lose weight fast, but is it really healthy?, What possible side effects can result?. Knowing this information will help you know the pros and cons of this diet.

OMG diet

According to the creator of the OMG diet, Venice A. Fulton, if you make this diet, you can lose 9 kilos in 6 weeks. While offering you lose 1 kilo and a bit more per week, the important thing is how you lose and what habits you must take to achieve it.

From there, it is interesting to know whether or not it is healthy to lose weight with this diet and what might be the side effects that may cause.

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Is OMG diet healthy?

While categorization depends on doctors and scientific research, the reality is that this diet is far from the dietary recommendations of international health agencies.

OMG diet proposes

  • “NO” breakfast.
  • Eating “only” a fruit daily.
  • Bathing in cold water.
  • It does not specify the type of carbohydrates that you can consume (this is important because there are carbohydrates which should be minimized on a diet to lose weight).
  • Although it does not emphasize the importance of physical activity, if recommended to inflate balloons to reduce the abdomen.
  • According to the author this diet can be adopted as a lifestyle, which would not be recommended for the quality of food they provide.

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Given some suggestions proposed by this diet, it is important to establish the possible side effects that could cause such a diet.

What side effects cause OMG diet?

  • Constipation due to reduced fiber intake.
  • Acquisition incorrect dietary habits such as skipping breakfast. This can cause tiredness, headache and lack of energy. Moreover, may cause a reduction of metabolism.
  • Sedentary lifestyle due to lack of recommendations related to physical activity.
  • Rebound effect. When diets are restrictive there are more likely to gain weight.

Quick diets can have much impact on those who need to lose weight “and” but it is necessary to take five minutes to think about what this diet suggests and what are its possible effects, both positive and negative.

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