What is the HMR diet?

Have you ever heard of the HMR diet? It is very fashionable in the United States and many have been given great result, although it may have some disadvantages, such as its cost and low calorie.

HMR diet

The HMR diet was designed over 20 years ago by psychologist Lawrence Stifler. This proposal is designed in phases and in theory you can lose three times more weight than with other diets. The trick is to replace foods, including low-calorie shakes, nutrition bars and multigrain instead of food you usually consume, plus various fruits and vegetables, more physical activity.

The phase 1 is based on a group of food that is provided by the home of anyone who wants to follow this diet, so you always have the fair portions and eats no more nor less than it should, you should also buy fruit and vegetables for yourself. The idea is that in this home program you receive food every two weeks.

At this time, it is also essential to begin to learn more about leading a healthier lifestyle. If all goes well in this stage should lose about 10 kilos in 12 weeks, almost a kilo per week.. A fairly coherent goal and that you can keep.

Once you’re at your ideal weight begins stage 2, which focuses on keeping this weight and learn how to lead a healthier life for no rebound effect. You can order the kit online to follow this diet. You will also be assigned to you by a counselor and personalized diet plans.

HMR diet is characterized by being low in fat to 14% on the recommended power, while it also has a 13% protein, but contains almost 67% of carbohydrates, so it is very important physical activity to avoid becoming fat.

Like any diet result depends on your effort, the HMR snacks are a good choice to satisfy your sweet tooth, like smoothies. It is also a diet that once hired the specialists provide you with the majority of what you need to follow it, therefore you will gain time and have to make fewer purchases, without losing nutrition or benefits.

In addition there are different variations that you can follow depending on your lifestyle, you can choose vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, low in salt.

The exercise plan is a very important part of this diet (and all in general), but may be more complicated if you’re not used to carry out physical activity, but it will be what will make you burn fat and lose weight, in addition to staying healthy.

And it is a habit that once you start and grab pace hardly miss it. The idea is to burn about 2000 calories a day in physical activity, and is distributed in several short periods during the day such as walking, swimming, jogging or dancing. To give you an idea should do about 40 minutes of walking a day.

Dangers and disadvantages of the HMR diet
Although this diet has some disadvantages, if you prefer something natural, it’s certainly not your eating plan: their smoothies contain added artificial flavors and sweeteners such as xanthan gum and as well as high amounts of soy.

Its cost can end up being very high depending on the time to ask it out, but you can buy your supplements separately. In addition, the majority of HMR meal plans are between 500 and 800 calories, although some arrive at 1200. This last number is the minimum amount you should consume according to nutritionists.

For this reason, consult your doctor before starting a diet like this, so calorie and unbalanced that it could become dangerous.

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