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What is better: Lose weight fast or slow?

When you know you need to lose weight and improve your quality of life, it’s time to make a decision and get the desired results. It is therefore important that you take your time and think about what is better? Slimming fast or slow.

lose weight fast or slow

Not only have you needed to lose by aesthetic issues, on the contrary most of the times those who undergo diet do when their quality of life is altered.

This disturbance causes many health consequences, such as metabolic problems (hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and hypertriglyceridemia), cardiovascular problems (ischemia, thrombosis, etc…), Bone problems (arthritis or osteoarthritis), among others.

Therefore, at the time of thinking what diet to follow to lose weight and reduce the risk factors mentioned above, you should ask yourself if it is better to lose weight quickly or slowly.

What is best lose weight fast or slow?

Losing Weight Slowly is the best choice. I know the answer is not expected because it is the most difficult to implement. Losing weight fast is tempting, is at your fingertips and diets are very easy to get.

Nevertheless, the results of these diets are not the expected long-term. Maybe you can lose kilos quickly, but what easy go, easy returns, and often returns with adverse health consequences.

Losing weight slowly requires patience and perseverance, two qualities that often accompany non-overweight people. If you manage to break the barrier of anxiety is easier to maintain a balanced diet and slow.

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Unfortunately there are many causes that encourage tempted to lose weight “and”, and it is important that you know what are they?

What are the causes that tilt the balance on fast diets?

  • Fast diets are attractive because it promise exactly what you’re looking for, lose many kilos in a short time.
  • These diets have great advertising. Behind certain diets, such as Atkins diet, Dukan Diet. This kind of diets have a great publicity behind, not only by their results but by those who carried them out and by the products they sell to achieve the goal.
  • In general, these diets are followed by celebrities that serve as models for many women, especially teenagers.

In conclusion, losing weight slowly is best and safe for your health. Therefore, before choosing take some five minutes and think about obtaining results that improve your quality of life, and not add more than a health problem.

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