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What exercise burns more calories: Cardio or weights

Much is said regarding the various physical disciplines to lose weight. Some argue for weightlifting, while others are followers of cardio routines to burn more calories. If you want to know what physical routines are suitable for losing fat, read this carefully.

cardio or weights

There are many opinions about the physical routines and their effect on weight loss. For many aerobic routines are ideal for burning fat while other people understood resistance routines and weightlifting are ideal to lose fat and increase muscle mass.

So what better way to know what exercise burns more calories? Do cardio or weight lifting to burn more calories and fat?

Cardio or aerobic exercises, are generally more efficient to increase cardiovascular activity, and could burn more calories than weightlifting routines, especially when compared to the same period of time.

Nevertheless, it is important to have in mind that the amount of calories you burn in an aerobic routine will depend on the intensity of training you perform. Moreover, the routine of lifting weights or resistance exercises reduces fat mass and increases muscle mass.

According to some scientific studies, the best benefits of weight loss and fat loss have been the people who combine both routines. Although there are other investigations that ensure more favorable cardio exercises to lose weight and lose fat.

Beyond the type of exercise you perform, it is important to have in mind that physical activity has other benefits on the health and physical appearance, such as reducing flaccidity, cellulite and modeling the figure.

With these data it is difficult to reach a conclusion on what exercise is best for burning calories and fat. The important thing is that when you want to lose weight performs best exercise that suits you and your body.

Do not forget that an expert in physical activity monitor your activity to make the most of it, preventing any undesirable effects in the body.

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