Weekend low-calorie menu

On Saturday and Sunday are conducive for relaxing, for this reason if you are on a diet you have to be a little more careful and plan your menu, so that you can enjoy your weekend and continue with your light diet. So, this time we will bring a low-calorie menu, to continue your diet without feeling anger or blame.

weekend low calorie menu

When you diet, there are two days that could shake up everything you accomplished the rest of the week, these are Saturday and Sunday.

The weekend usually is days to enjoy, but keep in mind that you can do it even when on a diet. To do so, please have your options for your weekend menu is low calorie.

Weekend light diet

  • Breakfast 1: 1 light yogurt with a spoonful of oatmeal. 2 slices of pineapple.
  • Breakfast 2: 1 cup of tea or coffee with skim milk. 2 slices of bread with seeds and tofu cheese. 1 orange.
  • Mid Morning 1: 1 egg.
  • Mid Morning 2: 1 fresh fruit.
  • Lunch 1: 1 portion of brown rice with surimi salad. 1 fresh fruit.
  • Lunch 2: 1 serving of salad of green vegetables with 1 hard boiled egg. 1 serving of fruits ASP.
  • Snack 1: 1 cup of tea cut with skimmed milk. 1 fresh fruit.
  • Snack 2: 1 yogurt.
  • Mid Afternoon 1: 1 handful of dried fruit.
  • Average afternoon 2: 1 slice of low-fat cheese.
  • In regard to the dinner, you can choose the menu, you can enjoy some tapas, pizza or the food that you want. Remember to check the quantity, so choose small plates or if you eat outside your house ask half of portion.

The weekend low calorie menu has to have at least 5 meals, ideally six. If you think a night out, the worst thing you can do is skipping meals, not with the idea of adding calories throughout the day. If you eat more often, you will burn more calories; if you eat less, your metabolism will drop.

On the other hand, your diet is not boring and done by leaving it, you can choose one of the days of the weekend to give you a taste and eat something you really want. In that case, should control the amount, and compensate for the intake of calories with physical activity.

One point that must control is the consumption of alcohol. Beyond that drinking too much alcohol is detrimental to your health, this type of beverages also watchful against weight loss.

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