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Vegetable juice to lose weight with diabetes

Diabetes and overweight, unfortunately, often go hand in hand. Obesity can be a cause of this problem and it will not stay in bad shape that diabetes patient who is not overweight. Therefore this vegetable juice may be what they needed to feel a little better.

vegetable juice


  • Two or three carrots
  • Two or three horseradish
  • Two stalks of celery
  • Fresh spinach leaves
  • The juice of a lemon.

If you have juice extractor, the only thing you have to do is eliminate the undesirable plants and go through the machine until you have ready to consume juice. You can squeeze the lemon to be gaining time. If you did not have one of these devices, you can either proceed to prepare a smoothie, adding a little water.

This is perfect for drinking juice at breakfast, as well as takes advantage of the nutrients better with these vegetables. You’ll see that is perfect for diabetes and to lose weight, since it is very low in carbohydrates and rich in nutrients and properties of all kinds.

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