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Using millet in the diet to lose weight

Do you regularly use millet or you are someone who thinks it’s only a food for birds? If so, sorry to say you are very wrong, because this cereal has wonderful properties and even can help you lose weight if you use it in your diet correctly. In this article you will find some tips that you can do it without problems.

using millet

The millet is a cereal that often goes unnoticed when it was incorporated into the Western diet. While in Asia or Africa is a food that is of remarkable importance, in other sectors it regarded it with suspicion, as it is often food for birds and other animals. But as it happened with the birdseed, it is time to begin to assert its interesting properties.

It is a cereal that has good protein content (about 10 percent), which has with about 200 calories per cup of previously cooked cereal and can be used in your diet really different ways. Simply begin to discover and exploit their properties.

Here are some ways to use millet in your diet to lose weight:

In Hamburger: Millet has, as you saw, a good percentage of protein. For this reason, and above all, its texture, can be used without problems on some delicious hamburgers. Its have vegetables in their content and are a great way. Easy to prepare and can be made both baked and grilled or frying pan. Add extra salad and you have a complete and light menu.

In smoothies: Cooked millet can go great in a good smoothie for weight loss. This millet and fruit smoothie, for example, is made with pineapple, strawberries, milk millet and has a touch of bran, to have a good base of fiber.

In your breakfast: Millet mix with yogurt, milk, a smoothie, juice and some other cereals (preferably whole grain), is an excellent choice for breakfast. You will energize and the mixture of all these ingredients will leave you satisfied for a long time without the need of consuming too many calories or anything very fattening.

In soups: Millet will also go great in soup format. You can replace the pasta or rice and leave your soup more nutritious.

Now that you have a few options to begin using millet to lose weight, do not let the test. If you already know and what you had in mind some of these alternatives, it is time for you to deliver them. This cereal is really helpful and not worth let it passes.

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