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Turkey meat to lose weight, yes or no?

The turkey can be an interesting alternative when choosing a lean meat for a diet. You do not have any more that to know the reasons of why it is good to lose weight in this article.

turkey meat

Meats occupy a fairly important in many of the diets. While some people completely bypass them, more and more, to pursue a kind of vegetarian food, many believe that the proteins that provide animal meat is incomparable. So, fish, chicken or some beef cuts become key allies in the dieting.

Why not add turkey meat? This animal has a lot of favorable properties to the time to help in the struggle to lose weight. Why? Its low in calories, has practically no fat, relies on with many minerals in his credit and it is possible to prepare of really diverse forms at the time of planning the menu. For the same reason, be sure to learn more about its benefits.

main properties of Turkey to lose weight:

Low in fat and calories: A turkey breast without skin (the fat noticeably) has a really low percentage of fat, is high in protein and adds just over 100 calories per 100 grams of product. The thigh, meanwhile, provides about 180 calories, approximately.

Rich Nutritionally: It is rich in folic acid, vitamins, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and many other things. Also, is satisfying, which is quite important when dieting and not feel hungry.

Many recipes to choose: You can prepare the turkey with any recipe you would have done with chicken without any problem. On the other hand, you just have to try these suggestions. A turkey breast to the French, a turkey with zucchini sauce or, why not, a turkey with cream for those who are doing the Dukan diet.

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