Tuna Diet to Lose Weight and Cholesterol

If you suffer from overweight and hypercholesterolemia, you can choose the tuna diet. The meat of this sea fish possesses the essential properties that you need to lose weight and cholesterol. Do not hesitate incorporate fish into your diet and lose weight by lowering your fat intake.

tuna diet

The components of tuna are responsible for its special properties to lower cholesterol and weight. If you incorporate tuna to your usual diet and change habits, you will improve your quality of life.

Tuna Diet
It is an ideal diet to lower cholesterol and lose weight. With the tuna diet you can supplement your treatment for hypercholesterolemia and overweight, lowering fats which will help you to lose weight. This fish meat has:

  • A very low fat content, only 0.8% per 100 grams of meat, all of which are unsaturated fats, indispensable to help raise good or HDL cholesterol and lower bad or LDL cholesterol.
  • An important percentage of proteins, 28% per 100 grams of meat, all of excellent quality.

These two main characteristics make this food an ally of diets for obesity and hypercholesterolemia.

Thanks to these tuna properties, a tuna based diet is designed to help you lose weight quickly and help you reduce your blood cholesterol.

Example of Tuna Diet Menu

1 Cup of tea or coffee with skim milk
1 whole-wheat toast with spreadable low-fat cheese
1 glass of orange or grapefruit juice without added sugar.

Some of the following options.

  • 1 fruit or
  • 1 vegetable or
  • 1 dietary gelatin or
  • 1 piece of dietary cheese or
  • 1 low-fat yogurt.


  • 1 cup of dietary soup.
  • 1 serving of natural tuna (the contents of one can tuna).
  • 1 medium portion of vegetable salad to taste.
  • 1 roasted fruit.


  • 1 cup green tea.
  • 1 nonfat yogurt with cereals without sugar.

Mid afternoon
Some of the following options.

  • 1 fruit or
  • 1 vegetable or
  • 1 dietary gelatin or
  • 1 piece of dietary cheese or
  • 1 low-fat yogurt.


  • 1 cup of dietary vegetable soup.
  • 1 serving of natural tuna or brown rice.
  • 1 medium portion of cooked vegetables.
  • 1 cup fruit salad to taste.

How to Make Tuna Diet

  • You can replace the vegetables and fruits suggest for those who like it. Within each group you can replace them without any inconvenience. The idea is that you make your own menu according to your tastes and preferences.
  • Use a teaspoon of olive oil, vinegar, lemon to season your meals or salads.
  • In the weekly menu you can, if you wish, replace one day a portion of tuna for a roasted chicken breast without skin. You should not consume beef.
  • Avoid consumption of sweets.
  • Avoid consumption of refined or white flour.
  • Do not consume sauces like mayonnaise or ketchup.
  • Take two liters of water per day.
  • Respect the portions.
  • Respect the 6 meals a day.
  • Do physical activity every day, this is essential for you to lose weight and lower your cholesterol.
    Consult your doctor if you have any questions.

Remember that this tuna diet to lose weight and cholesterol does not replace any medical treatment, quite the contrary complements it.

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