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To lose weight pectoral zone

There are many concerns when we fail to remove the fat that accumulates in one of the areas of our body. Each person tends to accumulate in a certain part of the posture, often tend to make diets to lose weight without checking which is the origin of this trend or not knowing why that area and not another.

lose weight pectoral zone

Usually occurs more in women than in men this type of fat accumulation, often reflected when wearing the bra set. Well, this is the result of poor thyroid regulation therefore be a symptom of hypothyroidism or sluggish thyroid.

What to do to combat it?

  • Do not eat raw food the following: spinach, turnips, cabbage and its variants, peach, strawberries and soy products. Its should always be cooked to lose nothing beneficiary properties for the body, as in crude oil affect the thyroid gland negatively.
  • Increase consumption of foods high in iodine and selenium as nuts or garlic, rice, salmon or tuna, whole grains … It is very healthy foods and controlling the amount we eat it is very beneficial for that type of symptomatology.
  • Be relaxed, as stress negatively active thyroid gland. Hormones should be always be calm and be happy.

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