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Tips to lose weight while being a vegetarian

If you are vegetarian and you have some extra kilos, you can reduce calories to your vegan diet and lose weight in a healthy way, taking into account any of these tricks.

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It is sometimes associated with thinness to vegan diets, as well as being overweight is associated with diets containing animal foods. Nothing is further from reality, a person can suffer from overweight regardless if he is vegan or not.

If you are vegetarian and you have some extra kilos, you can consider some tricks that can help normalize your weight. For this it is essential that you reduce calories in your vegan diet.

Tips to lose weight while being a vegetarian

  • The cereals, especially integrals, are useful but do not forget that these foods provide enough calories. Therefore, it is important to monitor portions. To do this, taking as reference a cup or small bowl.
  • On the other hand, you should avoid fried foods because the cooking oil that passes to the vegetables you’re frying. Therefore, cooking oil replaces other types of cooking like oven, griddle, grill or steam.
  • Also, beware of flour products such as bread, biscuits, pizza or pies. These products provide many calories in a small volume. Replace these foods with fruits, vegetables, vegetable rolls, etc…
  • Avoid season with commercial sauces, since these may contain a lot of fat and calories. Replace these sauces homemade dressings and light.

If you make a vegan diet, be sure to control your weight. If you are overweight, these tips can be of great utility. However, do not forget that the big trick to keep from gaining weight is to add physical activity to your daily routine.

Remember if you are pure vegan, you must combine foods properly to avoid any type of vitamin and mineral deficiency that can affect your health.

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