Tips for South Beach Diet

As you know the South Beach Diet is based on the glycemic index of foods. That’s why we need a number of tips for the South Beach Diet. These recommendations will help you make more effective the diet of Miami.

South Beach Diet

When do the South Beach diet, consider these recommendations to the diet of Miami:

  • Choose whole grains: rice, whole grain flours such as rye, barley, Bran, pastas made with whole wheat flour, pizza made with whole wheat flour, etc..
  • Preferably consume raw vegetables in salads. If you prefer boiled, steamed cook or wrap in foil.
  • Consume the unpeeled fruit. The more fiber a food has lower its glycemic index.
  • Choose low-fat dairy, milk and yogurt have a low glycemic index, so select the skim.
  • Consume meat without fat, preferably sea: fish and seafood.
  • Avoid potatoes, use only in replacement of cereals. As for the carrot can consume quite often, 3 times a week, this vegetable while having a high glycemic index, is high in fiber which compensates its glycemic index.
  • Eat peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts every day. It will ensure a good supply of vitamin E (antioxidant) brings energy, fiber and has a low glycemic index.

The use of the glycemic index can be useful not only for weight loss but also for people who suffer from diabetes, that way it can also perform a correct replacement of food.

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