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The Sun helps to lose weight

According to certain scientific research carried out so far, it is known that if we have vitamin D deficiency, we have more chances of developing diseases associated with metabolic syndrome, including obesity. Therefore, we have continued with further studies to establish what role have the properties of this vitamin to lose weight.

sun helps to lose weight

Scientific studies are deepening the properties of vitamin D on health. Despite these benefits are deepening research on the relationship between lack of vitamin D and weight gain.

Considering the results of this investigation, 63% (57 of 90) of the studied women who had vitamin D deficiency were, on average, 7 kilos heavier.

Another important fact that emerges from this study is that people with dark skin (more melanin) limit the passage of ultraviolet rays, and thus reduces the synthesis of vitamin D. Thus this group is established as a risk group to consider.

While there are foods that contain vitamin D naturally, the sun is the most important natural source for the body to make this fat-soluble vitamin. Therefore, to avoid overweight associated with deficits in the vitamin is important to know that the sun helps us to lose weight. However, remember to expose to the sun but taking precautions to avoid the adverse effects of the same. Bear in mind the time and adequate sun protection according to skin type, even in autumn and winter.

It is important to have in mind that there are special analytical indicating the concentration of vitamin D in the blood, so if we make all our efforts and we can not lose weight, we need to concern doctor to investigate this possible cause, take the necessary and establish the best treatment.

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