Overweight Problems

The social pressure on women overweight

Today, aesthetics play a very important role in society, which can generate very important social pressure, especially in those women who suffer from overweight and who want to be thin to be accepted.

women overweight

While both men and women feel the pressure to look good, they are the latter having a higher pressure. Why? Apparently not only be thin has more social acceptance, but that more men like thin women, but with a normal weight.

On the other hand, are the same women who are depressed themselves for becoming overweight, to the point that they feel displeasure at not being able to control her own body to be like they really want to have.

For decades, thinness has become a fashion and lifestyle regardless of health, to the point that women are overweight or obese feel dissatisfaction and discomfort to look in the mirror or in photographs, even if their overweight is not excessive.

While slim women are more accepted by men, are valued those that have normal weight. Moreover, this result is not reflected in overweight women because they feel dissatisfaction at seeing bodies of models with normal weight. This dissatisfaction should consider it to have this kind of unattainable bodies.

It is necessary to change the goal when considering lose weight, and ask why you want to lose weight? The answer must be to be healthy, improve quality of life and ultimately, look better. Aesthetics are important, but if there be health can serve as a little thin.

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