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The pollen to lose kilos

There are many natural products that can be incorporated into the diet to lose weight. Within these supplements you can take advantage of the pollen. While pollen has many medicinal and nutritional benefits, it also has properties to lose weight in natural, healthy way.

pollen to lose kilos

The pollen is a food supplement that is not widely known for its medicinal and nutritional properties. But besides this natural product have many therapeutic benefits, can be used for weight loss in a healthy and balanced.

Properties of pollen to lose kilos

  • Certain compounds of pollen act as natural antioxidants (selenium, magnesium and zinc) that improve cell activity, and the burning of fat need to obtain energy.
  • Furthermore, the pollen contains enzymes that favor digestion by improving the metabolism of various nutrients.
  • Also, pollen regulates intestinal transit, facilitating debugging of the organism.
  • Furthermore pollen is rich in potassium, mineral which favors the elimination of excess liquid which accumulates in the body.
  • Similarly, the pollen has another very important property increases the psychophysical performance. Usually when you diet, you tend to feel tired and weak, so the pollen can help you lose kilos, but not vitality.

To get all these benefits, it is not necessary to consume large quantities, just by adding a teaspoon of pollen to different preparations, especially in fruit juices or smoothies; you will get all the slimming properties.

Do not forget, there are many supplements that can help you lose kilos, as brewer’s yeast, soy lecithin or sea water, among others.

Remember, you need to consult with your physician before taking this or any dietary supplement.

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