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The pasta: A meal to lose weight

Pasta is one of the most popular foods; even in times of crisis is one of the most widely consumed foods. If you have problem with your weight, do not remove the pasta of your daily diet, contrary to what many people think the pasta can be a meal to lose weight that you can include in your diet to lose weight. Why? In this article you will find the answers.


Many say that pasta fattening, but this is a myth that has no basis, especially if you consider only its calories. While its caloric value may seem high, in reality it is not the only thing you have to bear in mind.

Pasta, especially if it’s made with whole grains, have low or medium glycemic index; for example noodles or spaghetti have a GI of 55. This is important because it establishes that when eat pasta, reduces the absorption of glucose, nutrient that can be used to form fats and therefore adipose tissue.

Moreover, pasta takes away hunger, so you don’t need to double ration. This property is interesting to take advantage of, and not all food is shared equally.

Also, pasta is a food that suits both a summer menu, as a winter menu. If it’s summer you can eat it with raw vegetables in salads (thereby slimming benefits increases), and if winter can consume in different ways, the most recommended with vegetables cooked in olive oil, with light white sauce, or with a simple tomato sauce.

Finally, the pastes have another advantage. If it is made with whole grain flours, it provides fiber that favors the purification of the body.

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