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The miracle fruit: Does it help to lose weight?

Have you ever heard of the miracle berry? It is proposed as a great remedy for weight loss, especially to encourage you to eat less sugar. But … is this so well? Read the note and learn more about this topic.

miracle berry

The miracle berry could be the key to losing weight, however, although it seems something magical, obviously it is not; it is an explanation related to the reduction of sugars and sweeteners in your diet. Its nickname of miracle is also related to the sensation that leaves your palate when the evidence, changing all the flavors of the foods that you eat then. It sounds strange, right? Learn a little more about miracle fruit.

To learn a little more to this fruit, known as miracle berry whose species is Synsepalum dulcificum, originally from West Africa. It is recognized by return sweet acidic foods, bitter or sour foods after testing, so you can also use it if you do not like a drug For example, if you test a lemon, looks like delicious lemonade and until the vinegar branded move by apple juice.

Its function to confuse the palate does not seem more than a trick of nature, could however be very practical to avoid sugars and artificial sweeteners. Very practical to break the addiction to the sugar that many people suffer and help you lose weight.

The secret of this trick is a protein called miraculin that causes this sensation of sweetness in the mouth when you eat acidic or bitter foods. This effect lasts between 30 minutes and an hour and berries may be achieved frozen or freeze-dried.

However, some professionals rely on the body and say it is not so easy to trick it. Although you can deny sugar and do this trick, eventually your body will claim the sugar and calories it brings.

The body responds physiologically releasing hormones when you eat something sweet and in the case of miraculin and sweetening the effect is not the same, which could have the opposite effect than expected, you could gain weight, because the body will ask for more food.

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