Overweight Problems

The legs: great disadvantage of the overweight

The legs and lower body are all large harmed because of overweight, as these support the extra kilos you may have, and can cause you great both articular complications, such as muscle and even circulatory.

overweight leg

The legs are divided into three fractions: Hip, leg and foot. Each of these segments is composed of bones, muscles, arteries and veins.

In turn each of these bones is joined through various joints and tendons. If you suffer from overweight or obese each and every one of these segments is injured and can lead to major health complications.

Complications from the extra kilos:

Circulatory complications: This type of complications occur when a clot or any atherosclerotic plaque prevent the normal blood circulation. When you are overweight, you can also suffer from complications such as dyslipidemia and/or diabetes, which this situation can be further complicated. This blockage can affect both arteries (arterial embolism), and the veins (deep vein thrombosis).

Bone complications: Within this group, the articular complications are the most common. The joints bear the weight of the body, and if this is well above your ideal weight and habitual, the joints are disrupted, especially the knees. Not only is the joint affected, but also the cartilage and ligaments.

Muscle complications: Such complications are related to lack of mobility. As you gain weight and your legs start to hurt, you restrict your movement, to the point that many people with morbid obesity are prostrate in a bed. While these are extreme cases, the reality is that as the affected joints, muscles will atrophy and lose strength. On the other hand we must not forget that the tendons are also affected by overweight, causing tendinitis, among other diseases.

When you suffer from overweight or obese affects your whole body and suffer complications of different types, the legs being one of the worst affected parts of the body.

Remember, if you have some extra kilos and your legs begin to acknowledge receipt of this, you should consult your doctor to start a diet and exercise according to your possibilities.

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