The ice cream diet to lose kilos by eating something sweet

The Ice Cream Diet is a popular diet that promises to lose kilos and calm anxiety, eating something sweet. If you want to know what this slimming method, do not miss this article.

ice cream diet

Who does not want to lose weight by eating something tasty? Well, for those who love sweet foods and ice cream is a diet that is sure to interest you, the ice cream diet. This slimming method has become popular on the Internet to have special features that allow you ease anxiety for sweets and lose some weight.

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What is behind ice cream diet?

The proponents of this diet used is that ice cream made with milk, like yogurt or milk, are rich in calcium, a mineral that is proven that helps you lose weight.

How does ice cream diet?

This weight loss method is to include ice cream within a hypocaloric diet. The idea is to replace a main meal, whether it’s lunch or dinner.

You can eat up to a quart of ice cream fruit per day. However, if the ice cream is made with cream you can eat up to 200gm.

While this method promises to be effective slimming, the reality is a restrictive diet that promises to lose several kilos in a short time, which is too good to be true.

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What do you have against the Ice Cream Diet?

Well, beyond being an unbalanced diet is not a good recommendation to replace a main meal for ice cream. In the main meals you need to consume plant foods and/or animal that will suit the weight you should lose.

It is not a healthy habit to encourage consumption of ice cream, food that does not contain all nutritious principles that the body needs to function correctly.

The ice cream, but can contain calcium milk and therefore, it is a food rich in saturated fats and sugars, which does not favor the treatment of obesity or other diseases such as dyslipidemia and diabetes.

Given these cons you may have this diet, propose a different menu circulating around the internet. This menu will be balanced and contain ice cream so you can calm your anxiety by the sweet.

Menu Example

Breakfast: A glass of nonfat drinkable yogurt with a tablespoon of oat bran. 2 pineapple slices and a green tea infusion.

Mid Morning: One apple.

Lunch: A glass of water before eating. A medium bowl whole-grain pasta salad with broccoli, bell pepper and cabbage. One cup light fruit ice cream with the addition of a two or three teaspoon strawberries or half peach.

Snack: One cup green tea with a slice of bread with 0% fat spreadable cheese.

Mid afternoon: One handful almonds or walnuts.

Dinner: A glass of water before eating. A portion of fish or chicken without chicken grilled with fresh vegetable salad to taste. One cup fruit salad with a scoop of fruit ice cream.

While this menu lose weight more slowly since it is slightly hypocaloric, you can do it in a more healthy and avoiding the rebound effect, as well as other adverse effects.

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