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The frutoterapia: a natural alternative to lose weight

Nobody can doubt the properties that have the fruit to lose weight. These plant-based foods have all the necessary nutrients to treat obesity and lose weight more quickly. If you want to take advantage of all these benefits with frutoterapia can do it, because it is a natural alternative to treat obesity.


Those lovers of nature can be found in the frutoterapia, an alternative to treat obesity. Fruits, in general, provide a variety of nutrients and organics that work according to the weight loss.

For this reason, if you want to get all these properties, it is important to know how to implement the frutoterapia.

Frutoterapia, a natural alternative to treat obesity

  • It is important to consume fruits before or after meals, not during them. If you know you’ll eat something sweet, you can eat the fruit an hour before, whereas if it is some preparation to eat salt, it is better to eat fruit three hours before.
  • To take advantage to maximize the potential of the fruit both are fresh and dry, it is important to know how to distribute them throughout the day.
    • During breakfast it is advisable to consume acidic fruits, such as pineapple, sour orange, kiwi or grapes.
    • But at lunch more appropriate eating nuts or avocado.
    • While at dinner you can choose from apple, pear or papaya.
  • Another important point is that you do not add sugar to fruit, since many of the nutrients are lost, reducing its effectiveness to lose that.

The melon is a fruit that should be present in your diet to lose weight, either for its cleansing properties, and its ability to burn fat.

These slimming can take advantage of various forms, through shakes, smoothies or just eat it fresh. Remember to include in your diet to lose weight, at least 5 fruits a day, and enjoy all its benefits.

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