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The Frangula: a natural slimming

Many herbs can give you a little help when it comes to losing weight, thanks to its therapeutic properties. One of these plants is the Frangula, a slimming herb with active components that will help you detoxify your body and facilitate weight loss in a natural way.


The mainstay of therapy for weight loss is diet, and it can incorporate not only slimming properties with food, but also herbal teas that help you detoxify and/or burn fat more quickly. One of the plants that you have on hand is the Frangula.

The Frangula slimming is natural, because its active ingredients act directly on the digestive system, improving the digestion of fats and helps eliminate these fatty acids in the body, before it is absorbed.

On the other hand, frangula, especially its bark is used as a natural laxative that increases the intestinal transit, preventing sugars and fatty acids pass into the internal environment. Also, to accelerate the peristalsis, eliminate toxins and waste that can harm the health and slow the loss of weight.

The constipation is a complication that can occur, especially in the first few weeks of starting the diet. Therefore, the frangula is a medicinal plant that can help you that this does not happen, and facilitate weight loss.

The frangula is a plant similar to cascara, so it is very important to control its consumption, because if you drink your tea in too much can cause side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and dehydration.

Medicinal plants with laxative effect as frangula can be effective, but must be used with caution, and thus, it is essential that you consult with your doctor, before its consumption.

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