The alkaline diet: Why it is effective to lose weight?

The alkaline diet is a diet that tries to achieve not only lose weight but also to maintain that weight loss over time. It is therefore interesting to know why this diet is effective. And what is the secret to losing weight and not to increase it?

alkaline diet

To balance the internal environment is essential for every cell, every organ and every system work correctly. This acid-alkaline balance allows all metabolic processes are carried out properly.

In this process of maintaining balance, diet plays a very important role; in such a way that an excess of acidity can cause overweight, among other health problems.

With this in mind, the question would be why the alkaline diet is effective for weight loss?

Well, it would be effective because it improves digestion, metabolism and absorption of nutrients that are good for health. While on the other hand, improves the removal of substances harmful to health that could influence weight gain.

To be able to successfully perform the alkaline diet, you need to select foods properly, as some are considered acidic and others alkaline.

Consuming more alkaline foods over acidic foods is the secret to this diet is effective. Thus you can lose excess weight you have and most importantly, not to increase it.

Acidic foods are those rich in fats and refined sugars of poor quality. Excessive consumption of these foods can not only cause weight gain, but also increase the probability of occurrence certain complications, such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, and even degenerative diseases.

The alkaline diet should be composed of 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic foods. Keeping this relationship would have a greater chance of losing weight and not to gain weight.

Also, this diet would have the advantage of helping you lose weight, but to increase your vitality and power, which sometimes is reduced as a result of weight loss. Remember, the best diet is that designed by a physician or nutritionist, considering your needs.

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