The Alkaline Diet to lose weight permanently

There are many diets that exist today for weight loss. Some of them invoke the properties of certain foods, others are balanced, and even you can find extreme diets that promise to lose many kilos in a short time.

alkaline diet

In addition to this wide variety of diets, you can also consider the alkaline diet, which is balanced, takes into account the characteristics of certain foods and can help you lose weight permanently and not retrieve it.

Your body works to maintain a pH balance of the different organs. This pH can be acidic when it is less than 7, or alkali, when it is greater than 7. The modern diet tends to cause a decrease in the pH, so if you need to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off, you can consider the alkaline food, which will help to balance the functioning of your body.

While alkaline diet is part of a special lifestyle, you can do it between 15 to 45 days, taking into account the kilos you need lose. It is also important that you have this food must delete and what you can eat.

Forbidden foods on the alkaline diet

  • Dairy in general
  • Red meats and sausages
  • White flours and derivative products
  • Butter and margarine
  • Pre packaged and processed foods
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Sodas or soft drinks
  • Sauces like mayonnaise or ketchup
  • Coffee.

Allowed Foods

  1. Fresh fish
  2. Fresh eggs
  3. Brown rice and millet
  4. Pulses
  5. Plants and vegetables
  6. Dried and fresh fruits
  7. Water
  8. Green tea and red tea.

As you can see the alkaline diet suggests you, avoid the consumption of processed foods and replace by natural foods. The more natural diet, the more likely you are to lose weight and not regain the weight you have lost. Moreover, this diet also helps protect your body from cardiovascular diseases or degenerative diseases such as cancer.

The modern diet tends to be quick and addictive, which is against health. Therefore, return to nature has its own benefits, improve your health and your quality of life.

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