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Tea for debugging the kidneys and lower belly

One of the most common problems when debugging the body is usually fluid retention. It is not at all uncommon in these holidays you’ve nurtured incorrectly and, most likely, you’ve exceeded with salt.

tea for lower belly

These are two of the main causes of this problem. Feel free to combat it through this tea or tisane, which will help to eliminate and, incidentally, to deflate a little belly.


  • One liter water
  • Two tablespoons Hibiscus or Jamaica flower
  • One parsley branch
  • Two bay leaves
  • One lemon juice
  • Allowed sweetener to taste.

Put to boil one liter water and, as soon breaks the boil, add the parsley and bay leaf. Let boil for five minutes and turn off the heat. Add hibiscus, cover the pan and let it rest for at least ten minutes. Strain the preparation and add lemon juice.

So, now this tea has ready to debug the kidneys and lower belly. Its action is really intense, because it takes ingredients such as Jamaica flower, parsley and bay leaf. All of them have diuretic properties and can help cleanse the body quickly. For its part, the lemon also plays a very important role, because although its diuretic effect is not the main feature, will help to gain minerals and normalize the body.

Do not hesitate to drink it throughout the day, starting in fasting, as is usual with this kind of remedies.

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