Plant for weight loss

Stevia to treat overweight and diabetes

Diabetes is a possible complication of those who are overweight. While diet is essential, certain medicinal plants like stevia can help treat both diseases because it contains substances that stimulate insulin and reduce fat.


Stevia is a natural sweetener that is used as sugar substitute. While this work is important for people who are overweight or obese. Stevia plant has other properties which promote not only the reduction of fat; it stimulates insulin to reduce blood glucose.

One of the major disadvantages for certain people who are overweight, it is the resistance insulin (in many cases is the step prior to the installation of diabetes). This resistance to insulin, further exacerbating weight gain and loss hinders the extra kilos. Why?

If you suffer from obesity and your blood sugar is high, it may be because your pancreas does not make enough insulin for your body to function properly. It may happen that your pancreases synthesize insulin, but for some reason can not use the cell. In this case the sugars you eat begin to increase in concentration in the blood, and part of them are derived from the liver to be transformed into fats and thereafter deposited in the adipose tissue.

In this case, the medication, diet and exercise can control and reverse this situation. However, there are herbs like stevia which contains within its composition a stevioside, which stimulates the formation of insulin and improves glucose utilization. In this way, not only helps to treat diabetes, but also to lose weight.

To obtain these benefits is suggested ingestion of stevia leaf tea, which you can get at an herbalist or naturopathic trade.

Certain natural supplements such as infusions can be of great utility to the time of, but treat or prevent the onset of complications, such as diabetes.

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