Slimming Tips

Slimming Face Tips

Slimming face is the goal of many people. It is not easy and can not exercise “ahead” easily. The face is made up of many muscles, which not everyone can work on a voluntary basis.

slimming face

Some general tips:

  • Follow a general diet of slimming that suits your preferences and needs.
  • Do not include in the diet cookies, pasta or carbohydrates in excess.
  • Fruits and vegetables is the ideal diet for your face. Especially fresh fruits rich in antioxidants.
  • Three times a day, to wake up, at noon and in the night gently massage your face with the face vigorously with soap and water and subsequently a non-nutritive cream in those parts of the face that you want ‘lower’ trying to promote the movement.
  • Make half hour of daily exercise that carry moving muscles of the face. For example running or jumping move noting that those areas of the face that we want to downgrade (cheeks, chin …).
  • Keep your face clean all day and wet it with cold water to activate the circulation whenever possible. Dry your face vigorously trying to activate circulation as possible.
  • Drink water, chew slowly and well.
  • Try to make gentle massage whenever you can and you remember.
  • Be patient and consistent.

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