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Simple tricks to lose weight the last few kilos

If you have lost several kilos but you are the last to achieve your ideal weight, keep in mind some simple tricks or tips that you will serve as a guide.

lose weight tricks

Sometimes weight loss can be easier at the start of the diet, because then you lose fluid and stored fat, especially around the abdomen.

However, at some point of the diet comes a plateau that may stagnate, slowing the loss of the last kilos. So that your body manages to slim the last kilos that you have left, you can have some tips that will help you to achieve your ideal weight.

Simple tricks to slim the last kilos

  • Drink the lemon juice before breakfast. Lemon alkalizes your internal environment and facilitate weight loss.
  • Take infusions that help you burn calories and fat, such as green tea, red tea, bladderwrack tea, etc.
  • Drink water before eating, this will not only reduce your intake of calories, but it will increase your metabolism, creating a fat burning and weight loss.
  • Eat every three hours. If you eat small amounts of food every three hours, your body will burn more calories and body fat.
  • Up and down stairs. Put down the elevator, mobilizes your body and burn fat doing this exercise. If for some reason you can not climb stairs, move every 10 minutes, especially if you’re a long time sitting.
  • Walks after lunch or dinner. With just 20 minutes a day, you will increase caloric expenditure and burn calories from food consumed.

There are many tips to help you lose weight, but these 6 tips are simple, easy to implement then you may be useful to thin the last kilos that you have more.

Do not forget that it is necessary that a doctor or nutritionist control your weight evolution. In this way you may advise to achieve your ideal weight naturally.

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