Side effects of fiber in the diet to lose weight

If you’re dieting one of the suggestions for weight loss is to include fiber to your diet. While this can have many benefits, it can also have side effects, especially in certain circumstances.

Therefore, it is interesting to know how to take advantage of the fiber, avoiding complications.

effects of fiber in the diet

Fiber is an organic non-digestible by our digestive system. Therein lies part of the slimming properties. While this is a benefit that you could use to lose weight, you can also are bluntly certain side effects, which may boycott in part your diet to lose weight.

Side effects of fiber in the diet to lose weight

  • One of the most common side effect is bloating and excessive gas formation. This can be annoying, especially if accompanied by pain. These symptoms may occur, especially when you consume raw vegetables, whole seeds and nuts. These foods are characterized by having a high fiber content.
  • Moreover, if the consumption of plant foods is excessive can suffer diarrhea. Which, in addition to annoying, Its can cause decay or tiredness (especially if it occurs for long time).
  • Also, the fiber can catch certain minerals that contain food and eliminate them. This may cause a deficiency of certain minerals, such as iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium.

It is important to have in mind that the “fiber” is imperative for weight loss, and to maintain a healthy diet, but you need to control the amount (not more than 30g/day), and how to consume it.

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How to use of the fiber, avoiding complications?

  • To take advantage of the properties of the fiber both to lose weight, to treat and prevent certain metabolic diseases, it is important to consume fiber gradually. This means that you begin to increase the consumption of high fiber foods gradually, but not only keep in mind the amount you eat, but how you eat.
  • To do this, in the first weeks of adding fiber to your diet, consumed foods rich in this compound, in cooked form. Cooking allows you to take advantage of the cleansing properties and satisfying, but in turn breaks the fiber, facilitating digestion and avoiding side effects discussed above.

In the case of fruit, it is recommended that in the first days you eat it skinless and cooked. In terms of seeds, eat them ground and not more than 1 teaspoon per day.

As the days go by and you feel that you get all of your properties and do not have side effects, you can incorporate crude fiber.

Consider these side effects is important, because in many cases the presence of these complications boycotting the diet. Therefore, be sure to eat foods rich in fiber, just keep in mind how much to eat and how to prepare.

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