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Rice, yes or no in the diet?

Rice is one of the most popular cereals and of the more controversial when it comes to dieting. Is it possible to eat rice if you’re dieting? Well, read this article and find information about the role of rice in a diet to lose weight.

rice in diet

Cereals play an important role within the diet in general and the diet to lose weight. It provides energy the body needs to meet basic needs, together with your daily activities.

The controversy that occurs around the cereal is related to two characteristics of rice. Its calorie content and its possible inflaming and astringent effect on the intestine. We’ll answer one by one these questions to know if you can eat rice if you’re dieting.

Can we consume rice as its caloric content?
The answer is Yes. Not only calories matter how much rice, but its energy contribution to the diet. Energy foods are essential in the diet, thus the presence of rice in a weight loss regimen is important. While the calorie information of this food is a relevant, it is important to note that there are different types of rice that provide other nutrients and organic substances that promote weight loss, reduce constipation. Among the different types of rice, you can find red rice. Keep in mind that rice increases between 2-3 times its size, so keep that in mind when preparing your meals (if you cook 30 gm white rice then you get around 90 gm cooked rice).

Can we consume rice as its glycemic index?
The answer is Yes. One issue to keep in mind is the glycemic index, since this influences body weight. If you choose rice like brown rice, with a low GI will not only reduce the glucose in the blood but by keeping them in a constant and steady, reduce your appetite, which will prevent you to eat more. Keep in mind that if you consider this nutritional information should avoid white rice that lost many of its nutrients in the process of refinement.

Can we consume rice as its fiber content?
The answer is Yes. Fiber has no direct influence on body weight, but if it helps to cleanse the body. Therefore choose red rice, black rice or rice instead of white rice, as this provides fiber to the diet. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease, start with small portions, for example adds one or two tablespoons of brown rice or red rice to salads. It is important that eat slowly, drink fluids while eating and avoid talking! In this way you avoid the entry of air while eating.

If you consider this information, you can consume rice being on a diet, you should only consider selecting brown rice or red rice instead of white rice. Do not forget portion control.

Another suggestion is to eat the rice in the lunch to use the calories that this brings. Even is ideal to consume after exercise to replenish the energy consumed.

There are many myths about food and rice is no exception to this. So if you want to lose weight, you can eat rice, it all depends on which one you choose, how you eat and when you consume.

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