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Remedy of papaya for losing weight with fatty liver

The papaya and content of papain can help you to lose weight and also treat your fatty liver problems. You can try it on a remedy as which you will see in this article.

papaya for losing weight

The papaya is a fruit that has really magnificent properties. Many of them are just contained within a substance called papain and that this vegetable contains, as is clear from its name. This is an enzyme that helps a lot to digest food, to process them and also to shrink some areas of the body. Therefore, that can be used to lose weight, in addition to other benefits.

The papaya is usually one of the most recommended fruits for fatty liver, and since that papain greatly facilitates digestion and helps the work of the liver to be lighter. Here’s how it can be used to lose weight, plus appealing to their fiber content, low in calories and diuretic capacity. You can, in fact, prepare a remedy which serves both diets to combat steatosis. Simply follow the recipe and try it.


  • One papaya
  • One lemon juice
  • Some water.

Peel the papaya, remove any kind of thing that is not its pulp and place it cut into cubes in a blender jar. There also incorporates the lemon juice (which is always good to cleanse the body and help the liver) and a little water. Process the mixture until smooth and lump-free. So it is ready to drink.

Preferably to eat on an empty stomach, or at night before going to sleep. Or in both situations. The important thing is that you have in mind that this is only a remedy that will help you improve your status of fatty liver and lose weight, but to be better in general, must have a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, alcohol free, low in fat and as natural as possible. Also with good physical activity and much water consumption.

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