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Remedy of onion and lemon for diet

This is a traditional homemade recipe that puts into practice in many parts. It is a natural remedy to lose weight which consists of mixing three ingredients rather than simple for anyone: onion, lemon and water. It can be very good to purify the body and, incidentally, take off some extra kilos. Do you dare to prepare it?


  • One large onion
  • The half of lemon juice
  • Half liter water.

Place the water in a saucepan and there add the onion cut into pieces. Boil for about ten minutes and turn off the heat. Cover, let stand for ten minutes more and strain the preparation. Adds there’s half lemon juice once the preparation is more temperate and drinks on an empty stomach, at first hour in the morning.

This home remedy may be very good for weight loss because of its purifying, detoxifying and diuretic effects. That is to say, this is a prepared multitasking and with ingredients you have on hand at any time of day. Or that in any case, are achieved with ease. It costs nothing to try and, in addition, it will be very good for other aspects of health, rather than lose weight.

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