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Remedy of artichoke and carqueja for lose weight

Hepatic metabolism can be very important when it comes to losing weight. For this reason, nothing better to take care of this body and help it work well to make weight loss easier. You can cuddle with this good home remedy of artichoke and carqueja, which perhaps comes wonders if you have problems in the liver.



  • Two artichokes
  • Two tablespoons carqueja
  • One tablespoon of anise seeds
  • One liter of water.

Put to boil artichokes in pieces, two tablespoons carqueja and anise seeds in a liter of water. Let come to boil for about five minutes. Turn off the heat, let stand 10 minutes and so already have this remedy ready to consume.

This allows you to brew and drink preparation throughout the day. To do this, you have no more than a cup in fasting and rest after meals. This way, you will be able to enjoy the interesting digestive and hepatic benefits that has this great natural remedy.

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