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Red Tea with cardamom to lose weight

Red tea is great for losing weight and, for this reason; you just have to use it at any time of the day as an infusion. Combined with cardamom, a spice slimming, the best thing evens more. Try them together.

red tea with cardamom

Both red teas as cardamom, each for their reasons, they are great for losing weight. That is why you can use them daily, together, in a single infusion, which is perfect for weight loss. Red tea has great fat burning properties, speeding the metabolism, helping the body cleansing and being a great antioxidant. Meanwhile, cardamom also holds its own. It is a spice that is highly digestible, which helps to deflate the belly and that you can come to phenomenal.

All this without counting that, together, red tea and cardamom are wonders. This classic spice of oriental cuisine is perfectly with aromas and flavors of pu-erh. That’s why you just have to get the ingredients, a good time to encourage and prepare this simple slimming tea.


  • One liter water
  • Two tablespoons red pu-erh tea
  • Some cardamom seeds.

Following the proper concepts of preparation of red tea, you will have to put a liter of water to warm, not boiling. Once the temperature hover around 85, 90 degrees celsius, turn off the heat and place the tea, cardamom and water in a preheated teapot for three to five minutes, all depending on how strong you like. After that time, just to serve and drink it. You can use sweeten, but always with a product with no calories that is allowed in your diet.

This infusion you can be consumed throughout the day, no matter whether it is cold or hot, as it does not lose its properties if you consume throughout the day.

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