Quick Diet to be splendid in Valentine

Valentine’s Day is coming and will surely want to look splendid. To do this, you can perform a quick diet that lets you lose belly in four days. Do not miss the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day more thinly and deflated!

valentine diet

While fast diets are not the most desirable for health, in certain circumstances as celebrate Valentine’s Day can be carried out on a diet to lose belly and deflate in a short time.

Quick Diet to be splendid in Valentine

Before breakfast:
1 glass of water with lemon juice.

Food choice at breakfast: 1 glass of fruit smoothie of your choice with soy milk and a teaspoon of poppy seeds/1 cup skim milk with 1 tablespoon oats/1 yogurt with a teaspoon of wheat germ/2 slices of whole wheat toast with a slice of low fat cheese/1 cup of green tea with one slice of low-fat cheese.

Foods to choose mid-morning: 1 cup of green tea with a fruit/celery sticks and/or carrot/1 glass of orange or grapefruit juice/1 yogurt/1 cup vegetable smoothie/1 tomato.

Foods you can select at lunch: The bowl of soup recovery enhancing and is part of all the variants of lunch / beans salad (1 cup) with brown rice (1 cup). 1 baked apple without sugar. / Grated carrot salad, chicken, asparagus and tuna/chard, broccoli and egg with light white sauce. 1 cup chamomile tea.

Foods you can choose a snack: 1 yogurt/1 cup light soy milk/1 cup of tea with skimmed milk and 2 oatcakes.

Foods to choose mid-afternoon: A cup of green tea with 1 hard-boiled egg/1 piece of cheese/ 1 sausage low in calories and fat / 1 slice of cooked ham.

Foods you can choose for dinner: 2 bowls of soup fat burning in all variants. 1 Portion of chicken without skin/1 piece of red meat without visible fat. 2 homemade burgers/1 portion of fish (that you like) on the grill or griddle. 1 portion gelatin with 1 tablespoon light cream (this dessert should be respected in all cases. 1 cup of chamomile and linden tea.

These are examples of meals and foods you can incorporate into a quick diet to reach the splendid Valentine. The important thing is that you accommodate this diet to your pleasures and preferences, without forgetting to select food low in fats and calories. Also, remember to respect the portions, which should be small (it is better to eat small amounts several times). Nor can repeat the portion of food.

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