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Pros and cons of gastric banding

Thanks to advances in recent years in the fight against obesity, techniques have been developed that allow many people with morbid obesity have a better quality of life. One such technique is restrictive surgery, which are used in special devices known as gastric bands. If you suffer from obesity, you might like to know the pros and cons of this medical treatment for weight loss.

gastric banding

The gastric band is a restrictive weight loss surgery, in which bands are placed around the stomach, like a belt. There are two different types of gastric bands, fixed or adjustable. The choice of each will depend on the characteristics of the person who needs to perform this weight loss surgery.

While this introduction, it can help you to understand a little more than are the gastric banding, it is important that before performing this surgery know the pros and cons of this technique.

Pros of gastric banding

  • One of the advantages of the gastric band is to reduce the passage of food, but the digestion is kept intact.
  • Another benefit of this surgery is the loss of about 50% of overweight.
  • Also, it is not usual that these bands become infected and complicate the postoperative period.
  • If necessary change the band, it is easily removed via laparoscopy.

Cons of gastric banding

  1. There is a risk that the band shift or inflame the upper stomach, especially if food intake is excessive.
  2. Moreover, this surgery can cause nausea and vomiting.
  3. This technique is not advisable for people who can not control their cravings for sweet foods.

The gastric band is one of the techniques that exist to treat morbid obesity, but there are alternative techniques such as gastric bypass and intragastric balloon. The choice of one of these techniques in particular will depend on each particular case, not only taking into account the weight you’ll lose, but also the psychological aspect.

If you suffer from morbid obesity, it is advisable that you concern to the doctor and in-depth reports on each of the existing treatments to improve your quality of life.

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