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Properties of the yerba mate for lose weight

The yerba mate is a very traditional drink in the lower part of the South America. There is very often consuming throughout the day as it is energy, satiety and also helps suppress the appetite. This is why we can arrive to give good results, accompanying to lose weight. Today it is quite easy to get almost anywhere in the world.

yerba mate

These are the main principal of the yerba mate to lose weight:

Satiety and appetite suppressant: It is special for those who want to “trick” the stomach between meals or from breakfast. Drinking yerba mate helps not be so hungry, thus inhibiting some appetite.

Diuretic: Enables the elimination of fluids through urine.

Good against constipation: in those countries where they consume yerba mate often, it is used in the morning, at breakfast, to promote bowel movement since early morning.

How is it taken?: You can take it in bags or in the form of mate cocido, as if it were an infusion. Or prepare the traditional mate, as the baby drink in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and much of the South American.

Contraindications: It is not entirely suitable for people with sensitive stomachs and contains stimulants like caffeine, which is why it is not advisable for hypertensive patients.

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