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Properties of the pine nuts for weight loss

The pine nuts, like all dried fruit, are quite caloric and also have fat. But nevertheless, if consumed in perspective, can bring great weight loss properties. Do you want to know more? Then be sure to read the following article.

pine nuts

Without doubt, the pine nuts are a food that has its share of importance in the mediterranean diet. Very popular in much of southern Europe, also this delicious dry fruit is consumed in many parts of the world without any distinction. And, beyond its delicate flavor, there are also properties that encourage consumption.

While it is a nut, pretty caloric and fatty, delicious pine nuts also have properties that can help in the fight to lose weight, as long as you consume in moderation. For this reason, you just have to read everything that comes next, to know why its can help you, but also how and how much you can consume. Enjoy of the great pine nuts!

What help the pine nuts to lose weight?
One of the main reasons why you can take into account the pine nuts in the daily diet is that its content pinolenic acid can be very positive in generating satiety. You’ll eat less. But not only have that, because it also has Vitamin B2 and B3, which combined with pinolenic acid, generated higher metabolism work.

Moreover, its can also be considered antioxidants because it contain vitamin E, good for cholesterol, having to its credit the precious omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Its also have fiber content, something that is never more in the diet to lose weight.

How and in what doses it can be consumed?
The most important factor to take into account the daily consumption of pine nuts is that this has to be moderate. Why? For every 100 grams have more than 500 calories. Have a high content of proteins, but also have a significant proportion of fats, which are heart and will not negatively affect our diet. But anyway, it is very important that you control with them. A portion of 10 grams per day will be more than enough.

If you wonder how use it, the recipes really are either that includes other dried fruit. You can toast them and use them in salad, with brown rice, in a rich pesto or simply as a snack or appetizer.

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