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Properties of the Hyssop to lose weight

Hyssop is a herb that is not popular anywhere, but it has interesting properties to help lose weight. Its biggest help to slim consists, more than anything, in purifying benefits that help detoxify the body and predispose to take off a few kilos. But it is also an interesting mild diuretic. For these reasons, it is not for nothing unreasonable that you include in your diet.


Here are the main properties of the Hyssop to lose weight:

Good to activate metabolism: One of its digestive actions is the work favorably in the gastric metabolic processes. In this way, it can help burn fat.

To purify the body: The Hyssop is good to help detoxify the body through the feces. Thus, it collaborates in the purifying process and helps give agility to the intestinal transit.

Gently diuretic: The action of the Hyssop is also good for the urinary tract, activating the diuresis and helping to eliminate retained liquids. This, combined with its purifying property, the result is a good plant to deflate.

Easy to obtain and prepared in infusion: In any mall or store you can get Hyssop. Then, you prepare and drink it like any infusion. Two cups a day can help.

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