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Properties of tangerine for lose weight

The tangerine, as the majority of citrus fruits (but not all) can be very helpful to lose weight. It has more than valuable properties in that sense: it is diuretic, purifying, detoxifying, good to burn fat, antioxidant and so could continue enumerating properties.

benefits of tangerine

Are you one of those who always eat tangerine at all times and everywhere? Is it one of your favorite fruits and would you like to be able to use it daily in your diet? So do not be afraid to eat it, since it can bring you excellent benefits. Of course, first read this note and know well what can bring this great and aromatic citrus to your diet. Discover more about the slimming benefits of tangerine!

Does the tangerine fattening?
Have you ever wondered if tangerine is fattening? Well, do not ask any more. The tangerines are fattening. Low in calories, high in fiber and antioxidants: rich in vitamin C, with significant amounts of fibers (more than 2 grams per 100), diuretic capabilities and also tangerine calories are really low: 40 calories per 100 grams. It is perfect for any type of diet. It has virtually no fats and its consumption, more to speak, is great in the diet.

Benefits of Tangerine to Lose Weight

Provides nobiletin
The nobiletin, one of the substances that have in the tangerine, was studied by the University Of Western Ontario, Canada, with excellent results in rodents to inhibit weight gain and also to promote blood health, which is no small thing.

Good for stretch marks
You can use tangerine oil if you have problems with stretch marks, because it helps you recompose. For that reason, do not hesitate to take into account this fruit if you are suffering from this skin problem so habitual when you lose/gain weight.

It has negative calories
Tangerine is a fruit with negative calories. While this is a concept that is often quite discussed, which says that some foods require more energy in digesting them than the calories it has, tangerine would be one of the foods that is within this list.

Ways to prepare tangerine to lose weight
This fruit can really be used in many ways, so you can give yourself an idea even it is possible to do a tangerine diet. Learn how to use it to lose weight.

  • As a substitute for any citrus. Although it has a particular flavor, perhaps something more acidic and aromatic than that of an orange, it is wonderful to substitute it in your diet, either to eat it or to extract its juice, because it is a fruit that has a lot of it in its rich and sweet interior.
  • In all kinds juices. The tangerine juice is great to combine. It is perfect, for example, to make a tropical blend with a little passion fruit, mango and a touch of lime. Whatever juice you put on it, its taste will not go unnoticed.
  • In shakes. If you have to complement your shake with some juice, then this is tangerine. It will work well with mango, apple, melon or whatever fruit you want.
  • In infusions. If you want to prepare teas, the tangerine will also help you. You can use both its skin and its pulp. Use it in an infusion of citrus or an infusion of ginger, interchangeably.
  • In desserts and sweets. Of course, if you want to prepare low calorie desserts with tangerine, it will also help you. A good example is the tangerine creme caramel, but not the only option. An ice cream or soft drink with ice with its juice is another magnificent and simple alternative.

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