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Properties of millet for slimming

Millet is a complete food, which can help you lose weight in many ways, because it is a diuretic, filling, purifying and more. Learn more about the properties of this superfood.


Have you ever heard of millet? It is a food that has a remarkable history behind it, though in the Western world may not be as revered as in the East, where it was, is and will be a true pillar of food. This cereal has a lot of questions completely favorable to nutritional level. And it can be used without problems in the diet to lose weight.

Like others such as quinoa or amaranth, millet could easily be considered as a true superfood. It is that its nutrition rates are extremely complete in all respects. In addition, you can benefit from many of its properties so millet impact favorably on the diet to lose weight.

These are the properties of millet to lose weight:

It is diuretic and digestive: Eating millet will give you a good dose of fiber, which is perfect for moving the gastric apparatus and purify the body. It has both soluble and insoluble fiber. It also has good digestive action. What’s more, due to its contains of potassium, it is perfect to work on urinary tract and thus able to eliminate retained liquids.

It is satiating: In addition to fiber and be diuretic, millet is great for weight loss because it increases its size enough to come into contact with water. For this reason, it has a great capacity of satiating and don’t need to eat it in large quantities.

Attention to caloric intake: perhaps the biggest against having the millet is that, for every 100 grams of raw product, you can add around 350 calories or more. But, keep in mind that a cup of cooked millet, to expand both their size, are not much more than 200 calories. It is rich in carbohydrates, on the other hand.

Used as any cereal: You will have no problem in using the millet in your diet. With it you can make hamburgers, milkshakes and even milk.

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