Plant for weight loss

Properties of lime for slimming

The linden or lime tree may be useful for losing weight, in addition to its traditional properties. Why? Because it is great anxiolytic and also diuretic. Learn more about its benefits.

lime for slimming

The linden or basswood is one of the most famous herbs in the world. In fact, there is no house where missing a little bit of this plant, either in its form of dry grass or even in bags, as it is often commonly marketed. Its uses are really diverse and may eventually benefit everyone they consume.

While the most common is that it’s take for sleep, rest and to avoid nerve disorders, can also be used for weight loss. That is, precisely, this sedative issue which has the plant comes from wonders to those who are likely to suffer from anxiety attacks, which are then translated into binge eating. Learn more about the benefits of linden to shake off those extra kilos.

These are the Linden properties for weight loss:

Great anxiolytic: Anxiety attacks are often one of the most frequent causes of weight gain. It is that these often lead to binge eating and eating disorders in general. Consume linder, with its sedative effect; you will be much quieter without many complications. Also, lets you sleep well and deeply, something that is especially recommended for those who get out of bed at night to raid the fridge.

Interesting diuretic: The lime is well positioned as a diuretic plant, which will help eliminate retained fluids. For this reason, its help can always be welcome in a weight loss program, since it will give you a hand to cleanse your body.

How to prepare: Following the traditional format of infusion. One tablespoon dry lime for every half liter of water (to boil), five minutes of rest, sneaks and drinking. It is sweetened with stevia or a non-caloric product if you seem necessary.

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