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Properties of black garlic for weight loss

Garlic can always be a good addition to the diet to lose weight, adding properties from those which are never wrong and collaborate with your two cents. Do you already know the benefits of black garlic?

black garlic properties

The garlic did not dispute, that is clear. It is to be made against it, practically oppose a number of properties which are not worth missing at all. You have to eat garlic, one way or another, as its benefits for the blood, detoxify the body, clean the respiratory organs and who knows how many more things should not be missed.

But there’s a problem. And it is being gradually fashionable black garlic. How is this? This is the same garlic you eat every day, but with a process of fermentation and smoking which lasts about a month and that is done in special ovens. While until recently it was Asian heritage, today can be achieved with relative ease in the rest of the world. As say, its properties are up to ten times stronger than the conventional garlic. And you can also give your help to lose weight.

These are the benefits of black garlic for diet:

  • Helps digestion: The black garlic has a good effect on digestion, it helps the faster intestinal transit and the elimination of internal waste can be seen favored.
  • It is good to remove grease and combat cholesterol. It also acts as a blood purifier and cleanses the body in general.
  • It has a huge antioxidant capacity. It is believed, can be several times more antioxidant than traditional garlic, through fermentation processes which it is subjected to black garlic.
  • It is a great energizer. For this reason, it is considered good to be consumed before the sport and exercise. Furthermore, virtually no calories.
  • Completely user friendly. You can eat up to one or two cloves of black garlic per day. You don’t have to take it directly and to even spread it on some other food. Its flavor is very mild and does not fall at all bad.

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