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Properties of almonds to burn fat

Almonds are nuts with great medicinal properties that can be used to treat different diseases nutritionally and also are useful when it comes to losing weight and burning fat. Why is that? This is due to the active ingredients it contain, and to provide the properties to reduce body fat. So if you’re looking for snacks for your light diet, almonds are a good alternative.


When to burn fat and increase metabolism is, the physical activity should supplement by a light diet, containing food rich in protein, complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats.

Within these foods, almonds meet all these requirements, thanks to its nutritional properties. So you can use it as light snacks.

Properties of almonds to burn fat

  • Almonds have a high protein content. If we compare a cut of beef protein low in fat with almonds, its content is similar. Almonds contain 21% protein, compared to beef which has 23%. This makes the almonds in a food that you can include in a diet to lose weight fast.
  • Also contains fiber, organic substance that promotes treatment and disposal of waste that can prevent or delay weight loss.
  • Also, almonds have a high satiety index, which is very useful in times when you suffer from anxiety about food. Therefore, you can include it in a coalition.
  • Finally, almonds contain antioxidants that help you improve fat burning and use it for energy.

As you can see almonds can be snacks, which you can dip into and incorporate it into your light diet. How? as well consuming a daily handful of almonds or other nut in any of the four main meals or as collation.

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