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Pickles and vinegar for weight loss

Both the pickles and vinegar are two natural products with properties to lose weight. If you combine the two, you can prepare a light snack ideal for burning fat. If you want to know more about the pickles to the vinegar, in this article will find more about their properties.

pickles and vinegar

The pickle is a cucumber that has been pickled, but which retains the properties of cucumber. This vegetable is great for eating on a diet to lose weight, because of its chemical composition. The cucumber is low in calories and contains natural substances that allow you to debug your body. Even by its diuretic effect will help eliminate retained fluid in your body.

Moreover, the vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, has broad slimming properties. This is used not only as a condiment, but as a natural remedy to detoxify the body and burn fat faster.

So if you add the properties of cucumber (pickle here) and vinegar, you get an appetizer or light snack ideal for your diet to lose weight.

Nutritional characteristics of pickles

  • Its calorific value is low; only contains 17.7 calories/100 gm.
  • On the other hand contains cucumber own fiber, which helps cleanse the body, stimulating the intestinal transit.
  • Also, pickles are high in vitamin C and carotenoids, which act as natural antioxidants, improving the utilization of fats and burning them more quickly to obtain energy.

If you’re on a diet, the pickle is a good ingredient. You can also consume adding them to a liquid, in addition to the properties that mentioned above, you will provide satiety.

If you want to further enhance the properties of the pickled in vinegar to burn fat, you can add garlic, onion, celery or ginger. All these vegetables also provide benefits that help you lose weight.

It is important that if you suffer from high blood pressure you must wash the gherkins before consumption, because as a pickle contains too much sodium.

If you fancy a snack and do not know what to eat, pickles are a light option.

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