New intermittent fasting diet to lose weight fast

With the arrival of summer begins the rise of diet to lose weight, especially those that have a quick result. Therefore, in this article you will find information about a new intermittent fasting diet, known as 5:2 weight loss methods.

5:2 diet

In recent times there is a new intermittent fasting diet, known as 5:2 diet. This method to lose weight has special features that make it a fast diet; which has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is 5:2 diet?

This diet was designed by Dr. Michael Mosley, proposes a semi fasting, in which you can eat what you want for five days, and the other two days should make a diet of no more than 500 calories, in the case of women and 600 calories in the case of men. These two days, the diet that you should carry out is extremely restrictive.

Another feature is that in those two days of semi-fasting, can consume calorie allowances spread over several meals, or in a single serving. Other days you can diet free. Supposedly, those who restrict their diet for one or two days are attracted to the food the rest of the week.

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There are many types of intermittent fasting designed for various objectives such as losing weight, body detoxification and healthy eating habits to develop. You can read what are the types of intermittent fasting and choose one that suits your goal and which you can stick to.

While you can lose weight, the reality is that your body can suffer, because for several days you eat what you want and the other two days, almost don’t eat.

On the other hand, this diet does not propose a change in eating habits, with which you can return to fatten those kilos that you lost.

The restrictive diets and fast are diets that can cause a drop weight fast, but their results are not long-term benefits. But change your habits and don’t perform physical activity, are high the chance of re-gaining weight and suffer complications arising out of the overweight.

Remember, the best diet to lose weight is a personalized diet designed by a qualified medical professional. This should fit your body and your needs. Therefore, do not rush to lose weight, do it slowly but surely, for the results to be beneficial in the future.

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