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6 most heard myths about abs

Getting a perfect and defined abs is one of the challenges that always arise when training. There are many ways to get perfect abs. But there are also many myths about abs.

We must start from the basis that all people have abs. It is a muscular wall placed in the middle part of the body, that is, in the trunk. They are stabilizers, and responsible for all our organs remain in place. Their work is complex, since they are responsible for keeping our body stable.

Indirectly hold the spine next to the back muscles, help us get a good posture; make all the organs in place… They are some of its functions. But also the abs are attributed other functionalities or beliefs when working.

It is important that before working the abs, we know very well how they work and what will happen when we train them. Leaving aside myths and beliefs, which in many cases we believe together, it is important if we want to continue evolving in training and in achieving results.

myths about abs

Surely on some occasion we have met with colleagues who train their abs until exhaustion without thinking about what they are doing or why. It has always been believed that hard abdominal work is the best way to tone them and make them visible. That is why it is time for us to stop at some beliefs that have no rigor or basis to believe them.

Just as there are plenty of exercises when working the abs, it is important that we keep in mind that there are also countless beliefs that each of us applies to a greater or lesser extent. We are going to stop in some of them, and therefore it is necessary that we pay attention to each of the cases that appear before us.

Myth 1: Doing abs ends with fat

In the first place we are going to stop in a very widespread myth and they are the one who thinks that doing abdominal crunches will end the layer of fat that accumulates in the belly. To start, as we said, we all have abdominal muscles; the fat layer is something that has more to do with the rest of the habits.

abs ends with fat

It is true that when working the musculature and developing it more, the resting energy consumption by the body will increase. But this does not mean that fat becomes muscle or anything like that. To reduce accumulated fat levels in the abdominal area, it is necessary to change habits such as eating and activity.

It is very important to know that 80% of our physical form is related to food. It serves no purpose to kill us to do abdominal crunches if we do not take care of the diet. Decanting for healthy and loaded with nutrients foods, leaving empty calories aside, will be something important and the first step in bringing abdominal muscles to light.

Myth 2: The abs will only come to light if we do cardio

Another belief closely linked to what we said before, is that only the abs will come out, so we do cardio. It is true that with cardiovascular exercise we will achieve greater caloric burning, but not always muscle toning will be the most appropriate. As we have always said, nothing in excess is good at all…

do cardio

In this case, aerobic exercise with strength training. In this way we will achieve the perfect combination to achieve abdominal infarction.

Myth 3: The use of thermal belts to get better abs

Another myth that has long been believed together is that the use of thermal belts will help increase fat burning in the abdominal area. The argument that they have sold us is that the combustion of fat has to be done in a localized area and that for this the use of a belt is the best way to achieve it…

The only thing that reduces the temperature is to increase the temperature in the area, since it does not let you perspire properly. This increases sweating, but nothing more. Fat burning is an internal process that the body performs when we need energy that we cannot obtain from glucose.

Therefore, what we will achieve with the use of the belt, will be a sauna effect. That is, we will lose liquids and toxins through sweat. At most we will get a brighter and more tone skin, but no additional fat burning. Burning should start from within changing habits, as we have commented previously.

Myth 4: To get good abs we must perform many repetitions

Another point to consider when it comes to myths is the one that says that to use good abs we must perform many repetitions, the more the better. It is true that we should exercise the abdominal muscles, but in this case, quality must prevail, as always, rather than quantity.

When we talk about quality we are talking about working the abdominal wall properly. We must bear in mind that the movements that we are going to carry out must be very concrete and concentrated in this area. A very common mistake when doing abs is to involve other parts of the trunk, which all they do is to divert the tension to this part to the detriment of the abdominal muscles.

For these reasons it is necessary that we be very aware when exercising the abs. Knowing what exercises we are going to carry out is essential, as well as executing them properly. For this, a tip is to concentrate on the abdominal wall to the maximum, and avoid the routes that involve a wide range of movements, since the risk of interfering with other muscles will be major.

Myth 5: If we do abs we will get a flat stomach

We heard this statement many times. It certainly has nothing to do with reality. Let’s not forget that abdominal muscles work like all body muscles. That is, if we stimulate them, we will get them to hypertrophy.

This muscular hypertrophy will cause the muscles that make up the abdomen to project slightly outward. It will increase its volume, tone and shape, but will never result in a totally flat and sunken belly, which is what we often want to sell, and what many people think will happen.

It is true that developed abdominal muscles are much more aesthetic, but there are people who prefer to get a flat stomach. That is why there are different ways to work them depending on what you want to achieve. We have within our reach the hypopressive and isometric abs, which work more on the internal muscles, stability, toning and less hypertrophy.

abdominal exercises

Myth 6: Abdominal muscles only work with abdominal exercises

Another myth that we must take into account is the one that thinks that abdominal muscles are only worked with abdominal exercises. This is just that, a belief, since the abdominal muscles can be worked with many other exercises and activities that involve another part of the body, but that put the abdominal muscles to work.

As we have said before, abs is an important point of strength of the body. As stabilizers, involved in countless exercises for maintaining the posture and avoid deviate. Thus, although we are not doing our own exercises for the abdominals, properly, we will be exercising this area of the body.

What we do with abs when working on other muscle groups is basically contracting this part, which acts as a natural corset of muscles. This contraction causes the abdominal muscles to act and exercise. Therefore not only work with own exercises for abdominals, but we will exercise them with other exercises.

For all these reasons it is important that we reconsider the beliefs that we have been accumulating over time and realize that they have no real basis. What we must keep in mind is that the abdominal muscles behave like the rest of the muscles, and that their training, rest and diet that we are going to carry out is very important.

If we follow these points, we will achieve better results little by little. It is necessary that we keep this in mind, to achieve strong and toned abs is not a matter of short time. We must be persevering and patient to reach our goals. It is true that genetics play an important role in how our abs will be, but habits also have a lot to say, and that is why we adapt in the best possible way.

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